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Stubborn Heart – Need Someone


a bit more melancholic for people who like to wake up slowly


The Killers – Here With Me


New The Killers’ videoclip featuring Winona Ryder and directed by Tim Burton.


Lola – Kamikaze Woman – Touch Me – Relax


Just found out about this singer. I like her voice and acoustic songs are always nice. The first video doesn’t have a great sound quality, but it is still good. You can watch also below a more complete song with her band playing the first single called Relax. I also like the song Touch Me. Not sure yet where she is from as her biography says she has a lot influences (Italian, Russian, North American, and French), and maybe that’s what it gives her the nice mix for good songs like these.


Bonobo ft. Fink – If You Stayed Over


If I breathe in the future,
Breathe out the past, yeah…
Savour this moment
As long as it lasts…

Stacey Kent – Les eaux de mars


It sounds like a perfect song for this first Spring day.

This is Stacey Kent, an American singer, interpreting a version of “Águas de março”, a Bossa Nova greatest hit by Antonio Carlos Jobim who is one the creators of this music style. I didn’t know this French version till recently and I think it sounds great.

In her discography, we can find also other interpretations of Brazilian songs and her owns songs too of course. She also sings in English and even in Portuguese too, and it sounds good no matter the language she is singing. She will surely appear here more times in the future.

Jon Gomm – Passionflower


Fantastic acoustic guitar playing. It’s long, but worth every minute listening to it. You can download it directly from the singer site and “Pay What You Want” for it. The guitar tabs are also available on the same site. This is extra great!

Leva-me Pra Lua – Ana Caram


This is a Portuguese version of a famous song. Without knowing its equivalent in English, can you guess what song it is? The answer is on the description of the video. Don’t cheat! 😉